Hiring and retaining caregivers has been a challenge for years—and the pandemic has only exacerbated this long-standing crisis. According to the 2021 Home Care Benchmarking Study, nearly 80% of study participants said the “caregiver shortage” was the top threat facing home care providers in 2021. Roughly 40% said “caregiver turnover” was the top threat.

Nationwide, home health care agencies are being forced to turn down or waitlist clients because they don’t have enough staff to provide the care. Seniors and the disabled pay the steepest price when they are forced to go for long periods without care.

This is a multi-faceted problem with deep roots and few solutions—but it is not a problem WITHOUT a solution! While raising wages and offering benefits is an obvious first step, there is something else agencies can do to attract and keep the caregivers they need. Keep reading to learn the #1 strategy being used across the US to recruit and retain more caregivers.

#1 Strategy: Upskill Workers to CNA with Paid Training

The list goes on and on, and the evidence is clear. Giving individuals the opportunity to participate in free training that leads to CNA certification with guaranteed job placement is the #1 strategy because it is a strategy that works.

The Benefits of Providing CNA Training

The benefits of providing CNA training to your new hires and established PCAs go far beyond improving recruitment and retention. This model also has the potential to:


Are you ready to start using this unique strategy?

Home care and adult care home employers in Raleigh and the surrounding area are partnering with SembraSchool CNA-I Training Program to bring CNA-I training to their new hires and experienced PCAs.

SembraSchool offers convenient 3 and 6-week programs that will fast-track your new hires or current PCAs to obtain their CNA certification quickly—allowing you to get them into the community to care for clients ASAP!


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Weekday and weekend classes available!

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