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Active In-Person Learning

We take the classroom and lab experience to the next level, keeping you engaged, learning, and perfecting your skill techniques so you can pass the state exam and thrive in real-world healthcare settings.

Payment Options

You can pay for CNA school in three convenient ways: 1) An affordable, interest-free payment plan, 2) A work-based scholarship, or 3) Job placement with tuition reimbursement.  

Passionate Instructors

We only hire instructors who are willing to go above and beyond for our students. Small class sizes and plenty of one-on-one instruction gives every student the opportunity to be excellent.

A Better Experience

We believe you are more than just a “face in the crowd.” That’s why we offer a more personal, customized experience. We are passionate about helping you grow and thrive in your healthcare career.

Courses We Offer

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About SembraSchool

Inspiring excellence, supporting ambitions, and fueling healthcare career goals.

Our Mission
Our Goal
Our Commitment

Our mission is to increase the number of Nurse Aide I trained health care professionals in the health care workforce across the state of North Carolina to keep our aging population healthy and safe.

It is our goal to build productive relationships with healthcare employers in the triangle and surrounding areas to make it easy for organizations to recruit and retain more CNAs.

We are committed to elevating the professionalism of the caregiver’s role by working both locally and nationally to advocate for the direct care workers that work so hard to care for our nation’s most vulnerable people.



Day, evening, and weekend classes available!


Weekday and weekend classes available!

Discounts good through 12/31/2023